The power of color is undeniable.

Order window color samples and brochures now for free. While many customers order white windows, some opt for vibrant colors. If you’re considering an exterior or interior color option we always suggest ordering a set of completely free color samples so you can view the options in your home.

To order a set of exterior and interior colors samples along with brochures and additional information just complete the order form below. There is no charge for these samples.

Window colors in Kansas City from Window Universe including black window frames.
Casement windows with American Terra exterior and external SDL grids with arched transoms above

Your color sample pack will be shipped out right away via USPS and it will take a few days to arrive.

If you’re ready to start your project now we can move ahead to scheduling your measurement appointment while the color samples are on their way. Just be sure to let your window expert know that you plan to confirm the final color selection once your sample pack has arrived.

Does Window Universe offer different window colors?
Popular exterior and interior window colors shown here. We always recommend ordering a color sample pack to confirm color selections.

If your HOA wants to confirm colors or any details the sample pack and physical brochures should do the trick. We can also help with any other information your HOA may require. Order you free window color samples today.